Holistic Wellness & Energy Medicine

Leading-edge program for well-being & personal development:
*  Tapping solution á la Jessie — seminar & webinar
*  Life Coaching on ‘Art of Living’: Yin-Yang Balance & Well-being
*  Energy medicin with Qi-balance & quantum energy healing

Training Programs for Holistic Health Consultant (theory + practice):

* Basic          * Intermediate         * Advanced

My books on well-being & personal development (www.bokus.com, www.amazon.com, www.amazon.co.uk.com):

* <<How To Value Your Inner Being>>
* <<The Art Of Feeling Good>>
* <<Tapping Solution á la Jessie>>
* <<Care About Loving Yourself>>
* <<How To Cure The Poverty Mindset>>
* <<How To Enter The Kingdom Of Inner Freedom>>


Meditation tips:  ‘My highest self’.